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M          Mercia Marina opened in September 2008 in the 24-acre Willington Lake, surrounded by another 50 acres of countryside for dog-walking fields, a wildlife lake and holiday home development. In building the marina, twelve islands or promontories were added to the natural contours of the lake thus creating a green oasis for people and wildlife alike.  This was enhanced by a £85,000 planting scheme, featuring wildflower banks, reed beds, semi-mature trees and native plants. For boaters, the layout of Mercia Marina is akin to a series of small marinas joined by wide expanses of open water.



In addition to the 585+ boat berths and associated services, we also offer exclusive luxury holiday lodges. Since July 2010, we have sold fifteen. Please see www.merciamarinalodges.co.uk for more information on lodge sales and rental.



Future plans include The Boardwalk, a promenade of  quality shops and a two story Bar Bistro fronted by a raised wooden walkway set out over the water.