Welcome to the Mercia Marina Nature Society and the many active community groups that operate within the society. 

The objectives are to maximise the bio-diversity and to create and improve diverse habitats across the marina and other areas.

Check back here for news from the different projects undertaken by the groups, newsletters and volunteering activities performed by the marina community. 


Two excellent newsletters produced by Jane & Neil Wakeham, one on Bees and the other on Mammals.

The Bees newsletter provides information on the new bee nests built by Nigel and Neil, the underground bumblebee nests installed as well as future plans and a call out for ideas.

The Mammals newsletter provides a roundup of the very hands-on activities during the first meeting plus results of trapping near the newly-created habitats (wood & brush piles).

Both groups are made up of volunteers keen to make a difference and to learn more about the natural world around them or share the knowledge they already have. 

The Butterfly Group will emerge soon from its chrysalis and will be looking for members.


Download the May Wildlife event review Wildlife Weekend Review