The footbridge to connect the new car park at Mercia Marina to the wildlife pond area on the other side of Findern Lane is here! 

The planners wanted a ‘canal’ bridge so the designers sketched an asymmetrical humpback bridge with a towpath.They are beautiful wooden structures but hugely expensive to build these days. The bridge builders, CTS ( are innovative and like a challenge. The bridges steel lattice work is over clad with timber to give the humpback bridge effect. The result is beautiful.

The humpback bridge is an iconic structure on the canal system and so the British countryside. When Mercia Marina proposed a new bridge to link their overflow car park to the rest of the site, the planners wanted a humpback bridge so it would be in keeping with the canal side location.

But humpback bridges were built because when the canals were being built other construction forms were not available so all arches, be they a bridge, a vault, over a window or an aqueduct, were built from stone reliant upon the downward pressure of the adjoining stone to hold it in place.


The wildlife and pond paths will be also be improved...

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