Welcome to the Mercia Marina Nature Society and the many active community groups that operate within the society. 

The objectives are to maximise the bio-diversity and to create and improve diverse habitats across the marina and other areas.

Check back here for news from the different projects undertaken by the groups, newsletters and volunteering activities performed by the marina community. 


Many members of the local community at Mercia have sponsored one of the 14 bee nester locations. The nesters will be going out middle/end of March. Each will be identified with the sponsors number and name.There will be a variety of different nesters and each one will have the same amount of nesting tubes/canes in to keep it fair to all. The bee nester with the most amount of viable cocoons will receive an award.

You can see in the picture that she is carrying a ball of mud to seal up one of the egg cells. She has special tiny ‘horns’ to enable her to carry the mud. 

Each nester will contain special tubes or cut canes. Each nester will also have a release chamber. This is a tube or box which will have the cocoons placed inside. From th these the males, will emerge a couple of weeks before the females. The males will partol the entrance to the release chamber waiting for the females. 


An excellent monthly nature newsletter produced by Jane Wakeham.

The nature newsletter provides a plethora of information about wildlife at the marina, activities and how you can get involved.

The group is made up of volunteers keen to make a difference and to learn more about the natural world around them or share the knowledge they already have. These volunteers have contributed greatly to not only achieving Gold Conservation Park status awarded by David Bellamy, but by educating, campaigning, raising money and engaging with the active community to support the wildlife and create habitat.